Curve Fever
Based in Breda, Netherlands

Founding date:
4th April, 2010


Press / Business contact:



Archimedesstraat 17
4816 BA, Breda
The Netherlands

+31 6 2808 5746


In Curve Fever you control your snake and it is your goal to cut off the other players with your snake, trying to stay alive as long as possible. Curve Fever is best played with 6 players on 1 keyboard, but can also be played in an online multiplayer arena. What is truly special about Curve Fever, is that it is mostly played on schools. We believe that the social interactions on schools add up to the experience of the player. This social interaction gives players a much deeper experience than most other games can give, and thus gives Curve Fever it's popularity.


Early history

Curve Fever was originally made by Geert, just for fun. Geert put an early version of the game on the internet, but with little direct success. However, Geerts housemate, Teun, showed the game to his colleagues and they played it every break, every day for over a month. After hearing this from Teun, Geert decided this game was worth pursuing.

After a week of frantic programming, Curve Fever 1 was released. No gaming website wanted the game, so it was decided to host the game on its own site. Slowly, but steadily the game spread around the internet and was getting more and more popular. It was then decided to make a multiplayer version of the game, so people can also play it when they are on their own. This made the game very popular in quite some places.

Curve Fever now

Today we get around 50.000 players every day who enjoy our game. They love the new version with the powerups, the skins, the tournaments, the ability to play as a team and everything else Curve Fever has to offer. The game is being maintained by a team of four full time employees and a team of moderators. We're all trying to give our players the best experience possible.

Curve Fever, the future

However, we feel like this simply idea can go much further. We are going to try to add to our (local) multiplayer game a more extensive gameplay and a greater feel of progression. With this we hope to show that a local multiplayer game at its core can also become widely popular and an artistic success.



This is the true Curve Fever experience YouTube



There are far more images available for Curve Fever, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "Curve Fever 2 has ruined my life. At first glance I must admit that it didn’t seem like such a life altering game to me, I gave Shachar (our co fonder…) a skeptical look when he told me this is the best thing man made since the sliced bread… Then we started playing."
      - Uri Halevi, All my faves
    • "Super simple and fun game to either play alone or with friends, neat design and in constant updates ! 5/5"
      - furikabute, Kongregate

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Geert van den Burg
    Programmer, Business, Curve Fever

    Robin Brouns
    Desginer, Curve Fever

    Martijn Gerkes
    Programmer, Curve Fever

    Martin Verhey
    Game designer, Curve Fever

    Pavel Soukup
    Artist, Freelancer


    Geert van den Burg

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